Maureen Richardson

Maureen Richardson and hand made paperMaureen is a papermaker and paper artist  who lives in Herefordshire, and who has exhibited at venues all over the world. She has also written numerous books on the subject of paper and papermaking and makes paper to commission. She is a member of the International Association of papermakers and Artists and Paperweight, the British Papermakers Association.


“Most of us, faced with an unfamiliar plant judge it on its visual qualities; some might think about its culinary possibilities. Maureen Richardson however would be thinking about its potential as raw material for craft papermaking. “If you can grow it, I can make paper out of it” she says. Bluebells, phormium, horsetail, leek, anemone, tulip, goosegrass – are amongst the 150 other species that have fallen at some stage into Maureen’s pot, been pulped and turned into richly coloured and textured paper.

Making paper

From a two week course at Camberwell Art School in 1973, Maureen went on to become one of Britain’s most renowned craft papermakers. The main use for her papers has been by artists in collages and by bookbinders: a special limited edition of Rosemary Verey’s A Countrywoman’s notes once appeared bound in her paper, and so have, since 2001, all the shortlisted entries for the Orange Book Prize. Her paper can be used for making lampshades, and as wrapping paper, but is perhaps most valued by artists as a background or mount for paintings or as material for collages. Jewellry makers also use it to display their wares on.”

Making paper - the four stages of the art Maureen Richardson


Pins and needlesOne of my main passions is is upcycling – making new objects from others.

An illustration of upcycling would be the picture on the right: a framed piece showing a sewing pattern with all the required accessories. It is one of a series titled PINS and NEEDLES where the theme is up cycled vintage sewing items. (more images and details on request)


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