Washi Tour October 1995

Twenty-eight pages bound in four-hole Japanese stab binding. Cover paper produced by Mr. Seiki and Mr. Michiharu Kikuchi, visited during the tour. A limited and numbered edition of 100 copies Monotype set and printed in 12 point Old Style by Claire Bolton of The Alembic Press. Published by Richardson, Romilly, Brilley at Hay-on-Wye. Ten copies were set aside for a deluxe edition.

The cover papers supplied by two of the papermakers whom I visited.

The pictures include: Hon Mino-shi; Najio-Maniai-shi (the gray square is recycled accounting book paper mixed with clay); paper cloth made from kozo fibre, shaken in only one direction for strength; kozo fibre coated with hon’nyaku, crumpled and cooked in lime; mitsumata.

Added to the pleasure of the text is the ability to touch and examine the samples of washi in this exquisite little book.

It can be signed by the author.

Photographs by Robert Bollick – Books on Books

In addition to the book, you can purchase a DVD showing the tour. The picture with the map on it is the DVD cover. It shows a map of the tour.

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